Soil Maps

The library has a variety of soil maps covering New Zealand, the Pacific, Asia and Europe. NZ soil maps are produced by the NZ Soil Bureau, DSIR (as Bulletins or Reports), or Landcare Research.

How the maps are organized

Soil maps of the South Island (Soil Bureau Bulletin No.27, maps 1-13), are kept in Map Cabinet 2 (Level 0). Most other Soil Bureau Bulletin maps are shelved at S590 SOI (Level 2).

Map Cabinet 2 includes:
Christchurch and Canterbury
Maps covering the South Island
Soils of the Edendale District
Soils of the Upper Waitaki Basin
Soils of the Wairau Plains
NZ Land Inventory (Northern North Island only)
Soil map of NZ

Map Cabinet 3 includes:
The NZ Land Resource Inventory Worksheets: Detail rock type,oils, slope, erosion & vegetation and land use capability for all regions. Complete legends and an introduction can be found in the top draw of Cabinet 4.

The Land Inventory Survey Maps for Waimairi (1972), Ohinemuri (1968) and Westland (1970) include soil maps. These are in boxed sets on top of Map Cabinet 5.

How to find a soil map for a specific area

Search for place and soil map, e.g. "wairau valley" soil map
This search will check if the publication is in the Library and its location

Directory of New Zealand Soil Survey Maps
Copies are kept on Map Cabinet 5 in the Library's map area.

Notes for using the directory are located on page 1.
Find the citation to the publication that contains a soil map of your area. Not all areas of NZ are covered, in some cases only part of a region has been surveyed. District names may have changed since this directory was published, so check under superseded names.

Other Resources

Serials with soil maps
DSIR Bulletin S179.9 DSI                                                                               
Soil Bureau Bulletin S590 Soi                                                               
NZ Soil Bureau Report S590 NZ
Single Factor Map S590 NZ                                                                      
World Soil Resources Reports S590 Wor                                              

NZ soil classification
NZ Soil Classification S590 Lan
Soil Groups of NZ S599.N45 Soi
General Survey of the Soils of South Island NZ S590 Soi

New Zealand soils portal
Descriptive information, maps, and database information about New Zealand soils. Includes access to Landcare soils databases: National Soils Database, Fundamental Soils Layers, New Zealand Land Resource Inventory, and Digital Soil Surveys. Use the menu to navigate to soil names and soil data.